Gold Silver CZ Teeth Grillz

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Our silicone fixation bars adapt to the shape of your mouth, this means that it fits most mouth sizes, even on crooked teeth. This means that regardless of the shape of your mouth, you can still get an adjustment personalized.

Nothing happens if you do not achieve the perfect fit the first time. We like to include 2 additional silicone fixation bars to make the adjustment much easier. Why pull the overdenture if you can not achieve the correct fit on the first try? Our flexible silicone bars will also allow you to reshape to the bars if you do not get the perfect fit the first time.

Complete set of overdenture without nickel, everything you need. Our premium set comes with an upper and lower part, 4 silicone fastening bars (2 additional), a rigid case for extra storage, a microfiber cloth for cleaning and an instruction sheet for easy adaptation.

Simple adaptation in a matter of minutes. We have included an easy-to-follow instruction sheet that will brighten your teeth in a matter of minutes.

Material: Fine Brass Metal & Plated With 14k Gold Tone Plating,Rhinestone.